Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning Options

We also clean upholstery. Just like your carpet, upholstery gets dirty over time and requires regular cleaning to keep it looking its best and keep it free from dirt and debris build-up. Restore your furniture to its former glory with an annual cleaning schedule from expertly trained professionals.

Specialized Tools

Our technicians can clean virtually any material, including delicate ones. We have an entire range of products to use, from heavy duty cleansers to mild soaps that can refresh even the most fragile of materials. Just like how your home or office will look and feel like new with a clean carpet, it will also radiate this freshness when you have your upholstered furniture cleaned.


There are three main steps to furniture cleaning:

  1. Cleansing the upholstery with a heated cleaning device
  2. In-depth rinsing to rid the furniture of debris
  3. Moisture extraction

The heated cleaning device first loosens all the built up dirt and debris in the furniture while the in-depth rinsing carries all that debris out of the furniture. After the rinsing, the moisture is extracted from the furniture, so it can dry.

This procedure will return your furniture to a nearly new state and give your home or office an air of freshness.