Tile Cleaning

Porcelain & Grout

Just like carpets, it is important to regularly clean all kinds of porcelain tile. Filth and small particles accumulate on the titles and eventually discolor them. Our experts from Calgary Carpet Cleaning will have the proper tools and knowledge to return your porcelain to its initial condition and color.

Calgary Carpet Cleaners have a wide variety of tools available which allow them to get in between your porcelain tiles and clean the grout. Cleaning the grout and the porcelain, Calgary Carpet Cleaners can return any floor back to the way it was the day it was put in.



We work hard and efficiently and can do a 300 square foot area in a mater of 45 minutes. The result of the cleaning, produces noticeable outcomes, and extends the floors lifetime. We offer the option to include a sealant with the porcelain and ground cleaning. This will give your tiles the brand new shine they had on day one and will last you for many years. The whole procedure usually takes about 2 hours to complete.