Q: How soon can I walk on my carpeting after it has been cleaned?

A: You will be able to walk on your carpet as soon as four hours after cleaning. It is recommended that you allow more time than this for drying, but four hours will be adequate if you cannot wait longer than that to use the room.  

Q: Exactly how often should I get my carpets cleansed?

A: At the minimum, carpets should be cleaned once per year. They might require more cleaning than that depending on how much traffic they see throughout the year. Obviously, the more foot traffic the carpet sees, the more often it should be cleaned. More people walking on a carpet means more dirt and debris gets embedded deeper and with more regularity.

Q: How long does it take get my carpet cleaned?

A: You can calculate the approximate time it will take to have your carpet cleaned using the calculation of 400 square feet per hour. However, that is just a general estimate. Carpets that are heavily soiled will take longer and carpets that are not soiled much may take even less time. The amount of furniture that needs to be moved will also affect how much time is required.

Q: Can carpet cleansing remove all stains and impressions?

A: No carpet cleaning service can fully guarantee the complete removal of a stain or an imprint caused by years of neglect. But, as long as a carpet is regularly cleaned and maintained, an annual cleaning will easily be able to get rid of yearly dirt and debris build up and take out any impressions made by furniture.  

Q: Why should I have my carpet professionally cleaned?

A: A professional carpet cleaning goes way beyond renting a steam cleaner and doing your own cleaning. Our technicians are expertly trained to identify exactly how much cleaning a carpet will need and our equipment is robust enough to give your carpet a thorough cleansing. No equipment that you can rent will be able to perform the cleansing that ours is capable of doing.